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It is scary, the notion that someone’s happiness is predetermined by hormones. So essentially we don’t all have the same chance at happiness…

Taking a break from my regular programming, which is school, and slowing down makes me thankful for the little things I’m otherwise too busy to notice.
1. The warmth of drying off with a towel just out of the drier.
And maybe this list will continue another day.

12th March, WednesdayReblog
Anonymous asked: Why did you choose Tampa for college? Do you plan on staying there after you graduate?

My cousin that I’d spent every summer with came to USF and my mom wanted me to be with someone I knew because it was a big change to come from the Caribbean and also moving from my siblings to no one basically. Tampa wasn’t my first choice. I may not even stay here until I graduate. If I do, I definitely do not plan on staying here after I graduate. I’ve been ready to move on since the end of my freshman year. It’s a city I have no ties to and I’m ready to experience a new city I have no ties to. 

2nd March, SundayReblog

Anonymous asked: What's the best present you've ever gotten?

It actually was a platonic card and it came about 4 to 5 months late but during that time the sender had written me a whole bunch of, I guess what you’d call “love” notes and added them.  

26th December, ThursdayReblog

Anonymous asked: Do you think you've found the one?

The one? I don’t know but I do know that I have dated at least one pretty amazing guy along the way, maybe two. 

25th December, WednesdayReblog

Anonymous asked: How'd you get the nickname Mimi?

I believe my eldest sister - only my parents, siblings & their exes call me it. Almost everyone else says Mich including brothersinlaw.

25th December, WednesdayReblog

Las Cuevas Bay, Trinidad & Tobago
Findation.com | Foundation color matching for MAC, Revlon, Makeup Forever and more ↘

Slowly, I’ve become a believer in concealer and foundation. Although, I feel like believer is the wrong word - more of an avid user.

This site matches the products you’ve found that works for you with others out on the market. And let me say, it works.

I know, I know, you’re welcome.

1st September, SundayReblog
Exploded Flower

Exploded Flower